You Don't Know the Development History of ''Central CNC Lathe'' In China!

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The full name of the centering machine is a centering type CNC lathe, which is a kind of precision CNC machining equipment that can simultaneously complete a series of compound processing such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and engraving. It is mainly used for batch processing of precision hardware shaft heterogeneity and non-standard parts. The centring machine originated in Switzerland and Germany and was developed for the precision processing of military equipment. However, with the rapid development of modern industrialization and the expansion of market demand, it continues to expand. , so the heart-moving machine is also gradually suitable for processing civilian products

CNC Lathe

The manufacture of mechanical equipment in my country started very late. In the beginning, this technology was introduced by Taiwan, and China, and then independently developed. However, due to the closed technology, the mechanical equipment used in China before the 1990s still mainly relied on imports. There are also a number of powerful manufacturers of mechanical machines in mainland China, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning, etc. There are many places with this type of equipment. Due to the high-cost performance, they have also obtained good market feedback. It fills the blank of this technology in our country. Compared with the CNC turning lathe, the processing efficiency and precision of the centring machine have been qualitatively improved. The centering machine uses two axes to arrange the tools and move the effective axis of the thread cutting to overlap multiple tool tables and many other functions. Shorten the idle time and complete all or most of the processing procedures with one loading.

Centering Machine

At present, the maximum machining diameter of the centering machine is 38mm, which has great advantages in the precision shaft processing market. The centering machine can also be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, which can realize the full automation of a single machine tool, thereby reducing labor costs and is very suitable for mass production. Follow "Flourish Legend" for more industry knowledge.

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