Why so Many People Like Flourish Legend CNC Processing Services?

The main reasons for the analysis are as follows:

A. Flourish Legend company strength

Flourish Legend is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the first province in China. The company has been established for many years and consists of three major parts: marketing department, product processing plant, and subsidiary companies. The plant covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has more than 10 CNC equipments. Senior engineer, 1000+ successful cooperation cases; with global intelligence, flourish legend has changed from traditional data machine tools to current CNC machine tools, from a single custom CNC prototyping product to the current multi-category household appliance product parts and robot mechanical parts, electronic product spare parts, metal stamping product spare parts, medical product spare parts, automobile and transportation industry product spare parts, flourish legend has been deeply cultivated for more than 10 years, and every product launch can stir up waves in the industry and lead A new direction of development.

Flourish Legend Company Strength

B. Intelligent integrated factory

1. Intelligent production mode

a. Intelligent scheduling, supporting production with a batch size of 1

b. Flexible and flexible production island

c. Pull production with minimal reserves

d. The production process can be monitored and transparent

e. The organic combination of people, machines and objects

f. Green energy, sustainable development

2. Intelligent warehousing in the supply chain

a. Automatic logistics storage system

b. Automated three-dimensional library and RFID tags

c. Intelligent AGV for handling

d. Value chain integration from demand to supply

e. Inventory optimization

f. Faster circulation speed

3. Intelligent production equipment

a. CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC tool grinding machines, CNC gear processing machine tools, etc. have high productivity and automation.

b. The interface can be connected

c. Device direct dialogue M2M

d. Storage, prediction, execution and self-management

e. Remote maintenance

f. Preventive maintenance

4. Intelligent products and services

a. Personalization and customization of products

b. Products and equipment can communicate

c. Products and customers can be connected

d. Service system covering product life cycle

Intelligent Products and Services

C. High quality

James, the founder of Flourish legend, has been cultivating quality control for decades, and always adheres to the craftsmanship spirit of consistent quality and excellence. Any product is strictly controlled from raw material procurement, mechanical equipment precision, production technology, and finished product quality inspection to ensure that the product is correct. , Really reduce energy consumption for cooperative enterprises.


Whether you are purchasing from a large company or a small and micro enterprise, as long as you have CNC processing and injection mold needs, there is no mini mum order quantity requirement, and 1 piece is also customized.

E. Payment security and method

a.flourish legend is a CNC processing enterprise mainly supported by the Guangdong Provincial Government. It has various business certificates issued by the government, and customers can cooperate with confidence.

b. Considering the operating cost of the enterprise, we support installment payment, which can not only reduce the operating cost of the enterprise but also reduce the risk of customers, and truly achieve worry-free production.

c. Support multiple payment methods such as public accounts, individual accounts, and third-party payment APPs, and customers can choose according to their own convenient methods

F. Delivery speed

For general products, Flourish Legend can quote within 30 minutes, make samples within 3 days, and deliver to customers within 7 days.

Flourish Legend has invested a total of 10 fully automatic robots and more than 50 shelves loaded with products, and has in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned logistics companies to guarantee the harvesting speed of customers in an all-round way. 95% of the goods are delivered to customers on schedule to ensure efficient production of customers.

G. After-sales service

We provide 7*24 hours of exclusive customer service. As long as there are product quality problems, we provide free repair and replacement services, so that customers can rest assured to customize products and use products with confidence.

After-sales Service

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