CNC Machined and Injection Molded Medical Parts Manufacturer

CNC Machined and Injection Molded Medical Parts Manufacturer

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Flourish Legend provides a wide range of equipment components for the medical industry, including plastic parts, metal parts, and medical device enclosures. Our plastic machined parts are manufactured using high-quality plastic materials, ensuring excellent durability and precise dimensions, and guaranteeing reliability and stability within medical equipment. The metal parts include various metal accessories such as screws, nuts, washers, etc., used to support and connect various components of medical devices. Additionally, we offer medical device enclosures designed to provide protection and aesthetic appeal. We are committed to providing the medical industry with components that meet quality standards and safety requirements, ensuring the integrity and superior performance of medical equipment, and providing a safe and reliable medical environment for healthcare professionals and patients.

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How to Make Prototype Models for Medical Device Components?

How to Make Prototype Models for Medical Device Components?

In today's manufacturing technology, plastic prototype models of medical device components are typically produced using methods such as 3D printing, CNC machining, low pressure injection moulding (RIM), etc. Each manufacturing process has differences in product quality and appearance. The choice of production method depends on the specific requirements of the customer, and of course, the cost varies accordingly. Customers can provide 3D drawings, samples, production lists, visual renderings, and silk-screen prints to the manufacturer based on their subjective needs. The CNC plastic machining manufacturer can generally deliver the physical prototype model to the customer within a few days, while more complex models may have a production cycle of approximately two weeks.

What Are The Commonly Used Materials For Prototype Models Of Medical Industry Components?

The commonly used materials for prototype models of medical industry components include:

ABS Plastic: ABS plastic offers high strength, rigidity, and good heat resistance. ABS plastic machining is suitable for manufacturing medical device enclosures, panels, and structural components.

PC (Polycarbonate): Machining polycarbonate PC material exhibits excellent impact resistance and transparency, making it widely used in medical device display windows, touchscreens, and transparent parts.

PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate): Machining PMMA has good transparency and optical properties. It is commonly used for manufacturing optical components and lampshades in medical devices.

POM (Polyoxymethylene): CNC POM material has high rigidity and wear resistance, making it suitable for manufacturing gears, sliders, and connectors in medical devices.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Machining PVC material offers good plasticity and corrosion resistance. It is often used for manufacturing medical device hoses, seals, and catheters.

In addition to the above materials, other materials such as aluminum alloy, plastic resins, and silicone can be used for prototype model production based on specific requirements. The choice of materials depends on factors such as the functional requirements, desired appearance, and production cost of the components. Flourish Legend selects the most suitable materials for manufacturing prototype models of medical industry components based on the actual needs.

Significance Of Prototype Models In The Medical Industry

Before mass production of medical device components and plastic enclosures, prototype models are created to determine the cost, aesthetics, operational performance, and quality of the production equipment. This helps identify and address any issues with the medical device model, enabling smooth mass production without structural or aesthetic modifications, quality issues, and cost control.

Advantages Of Plastic Prototype Models

A. High precision.

B. Improved efficiency in plastic prototype model production.

C. Fast turnaround time; prototype models can be obtained within a few days compared to traditional methods.

D. Highly accurate representation of design drawings, eliminating concerns about discrepancies.

Advantages Of CNC Machining In The Medical Industry

There are numerous benefits to using CNC machining for manufacturing various medical components and parts, enabling them to meet the material requirements of different medical applications. CNC machining can produce parts with the highest precision, strict tolerances, and complex geometries. Other advantages of CNC machining include cost-effectiveness and shorter lead times.

From small components like buttons or switches to larger parts like display enclosures, and from surgical instruments and artificial joints to components of medical pumps, CT scanners, and MRI scanners, CNC machining provides an excellent method for producing precision medical components.

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