Silver Stamping

Flourish Legend has been specialized in the stamping of precision metal products for many years, non-standard parts can be customized, stamping parts of various specifications can be customized according to customer needs, silver stamping, high precision, high efficiency, price concessions., military quality, sign a confidentiality agreement, and welcome to come and consult.

Silver Stamping

Our Silver Stamping Process

  • High Gloss Effect: Silver stamping technology can provide products with highly reflective and glossy silver effects. This shiny appearance enhances the attractiveness and visual impact of the product, making it stand out in the market.

  • Precision and Detail: The silver stamping process can achieve very fine patterns and details. Whether it's text, icons, or complex design elements, silver stamping can accurately reproduce them, showcasing high quality and professionalism.

  • Durability: The silver layer formed by silver stamping has excellent durability and resistance to wear. It can withstand long-term use and contact, without fading or wearing off, ensuring the product maintains a good appearance over time.

  • Brand Personalization: Silver stamping can add personalized logos and decorations to products, helping you establish a unique brand image. Whether it's adding brand logos to packaging or implementing specific design requirements on the product, silver stamping can add a distinctive style and recognition to your products.

Advantages of Flourish Legend Silver Stamping

  • Long-lasting Decorative Effect: The silver patterns formed by silver stamping have outstanding durability, maintaining clarity and vividness for a long time. Whether it's on packaging or directly on the product, silver stamping decoration adds lasting attractiveness and value to your products.

  • Highly Personalized: Silver stamping technology allows for highly personalized decorative effects based on your design requirements. Whether it's a simple logo or intricate patterns, we can accurately reproduce your design, ensuring each product possesses uniqueness and personalized style.

Silver Stamping Parts

Silver Ring Stamping
Silver Ring Stamping
Electronic Product Silver Stamping Parts
Electronic Product Silver Stamping Parts
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ISO International Quality Management System

Equipped with ISO 9001 certificate, we are able to support your OEM/ODM production.

Quality Control

We will check color, appearnce and tolerance by qulity control at every step during manufacturing process.

Low & High Volume Manufacturing

Besides high-volume production, we can also provide good solutions for your low-volume production (MOQ》1) with prototyping process.

Competitive Price

Our continuous investments in equipment and QC systems help us to get higher efficiency and quality which decrease reject ratio and increase market competitiveness in delivery qualified parts on time.

Reliability and Stability

Our 24 hours | 3 shifts production systems help your parts get into markets quickly and steadily.

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