Exploring Flourish Legend's ''Intelligent Manufacturing in China'' Road

[Flourish Legend] In March, China's epidemic situation was fully opened. Flourishlegend responded to the call of the country and customers, with the theme of "Visiting Internet celebrity factories and witnessing the quality of Flourish Legend", welcoming customers to visit and letting them experience it up close. Flourish Legend's products and high-precision production technology have deeply revealed the modern "China Intelligent Manufacturing" road of Flourish Legend from scratch and from existence to excellence.

The industry's first smart factory, brand building to a higher level

First Smart Factory

On the afternoon of March 22, customers from the United States came to the gate of the CNC machining factory of flourish legend on time to visit. Flourish Legend, as the first Industry 4.0 intelligent CNC processing industrial park in the whole industry, has the world's cutting-edge production equipment and specialised production technology, providing strong technical support for the high-quality products of Flourish Legend.

Gate of the CNC Factory

The factory trip this time has also attracted attention from all walks of life, and Flourish Legend has not hesitated to show them its modern production process, show its core competitive advantages, inject more vitality into the industry's manufacturing, and promote its own brand. entered a new stage of development.

Decipher the production process and explore the future "smart manufacturing"

In order to complete the development from Made in China to "Smart Made in China" and move towards a new road of modern production, Flourish Legend has invested heavily in the design of the new factory. First of all, in the layout of the factory, Flourish Legend adopts the most advanced efficient production layout mode, each link is reasonably connected, each module is orderly distinguished, combined with a scientific production management system, advanced full-automatic cnc processing line, can Complete 17 procedures, greatly improving the speed and safety of production.

The equipment in the factory is imported from high-end production markets at home and abroad, with full technological content. Such as high-tech automated robotic arm, intelligent laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, etc., the production efficiency and precision are much higher than other brands.

At the same time, Flourish Legend has always been at the forefront of the industry in the improvement of production technology. It has a professional laboratory, a professional R&D team, and enjoys hundreds of national patent technologies. It adopts self-developed independent molds and has created many avant-garde machine designs. It is equipped with various advanced manufacturing processes, such as intelligent robot laser welding technology, with uniform solder joints, consistent thickness and high firmness, which can make the welding accuracy error only 1/7 of the diameter of the hair! The various functions of the product have been developed to the extreme. Moreover, every link has strict testing, and has done the most solid control for product quality in all aspects, so that every product that is sent to thousands of households is excellent enough.

Craftsmanship to create unique product advantages

Because of such a solid and reliable product production foundation, Flourish Legend can gradually accumulate such a strong product advantage. From the traditional data machine tool to the current integrated CNC machine tool, from a single CNC prototyping machining product to the current multi-category household appliance product parts, robot parts, electronic product parts, metal stamping product parts, medical product parts, Automobile and transportation industry product spare parts, abundant legend has been deeply cultivated for more than 10 years. Every product launch can stir up waves in the industry and lead a new development direction.

During the entire visit, the staff gave detailed explanations to the customers, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the production mode of the entire factory. From parts production to assembly, to product inspection and packaging, every step is So rigorous, unified and orderly, each worker is engaged in production with a serious and enthusiastic expression, this may be the biggest advantage that the entire factory of flourish legend shows to the media group, full of satisfaction for the entire industry and every consumer sense of responsibility.

Create Unique Product

Until the end of the visit, the customers who came from afar were still unsatisfied, and everyone was still immersed in the strong strength and charm of Senge. Flourish Legend takes root and grows vigorously, and in the future, Flourish Legend will continue to use high-quality products to increase more energy for customers.

This in-depth customer visit not only showed the comprehensive content of the modern intelligent factory of flourish legend, but also allowed more customers to see the efforts behind the high-end CNC machining China factory. Industry rewards excellence, and heaven rewards diligence. Only by striving for excellence and unremitting efforts can we reach today's heights. We also look forward to more technological breakthroughs in the future by Flourish Legend, and gather more profound value for "China's intelligent manufacturing".

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