CNC Bending

Flourish Legend is equipped with several fully automated bending machines, specializing in various CNC bending methods such as air bending, bottoming, coining, point bending, and vertical bending. With a team of professional technicians, we offer fast processing, high precision, and cost-effective manufacturing. We welcome both new and existing customers for customized orders.

CNC Bending

CNC Bending Technology

  • High Precision: Our CNC bending services deliver outstanding precision, ensuring accurate bending angles and dimensions for high-quality and consistent parts.

  • Efficient Production: With CNC programming and automation, we efficiently handle high-volume bending operations, enhancing production efficiency and delivery speed.

  • Flexibility: With advanced CNC bending machinery and extensive expertise, we handle diverse materials and complex shapes, meeting the varied requirements of our customers.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our CNC bending services reduce labor costs and material waste while improving production efficiency and accuracy, providing economical manufacturing solutions.

  • One-Stop Solution: In addition to CNC bending services, we offer comprehensive solutions including design support, material procurement, and post-processing, providing full-service support to our customers.

Advantages of Flourish Legend CNC Bending

  • Accurate Angle Control: Through precise control of our CNC systems, we achieve accurate angle control for bending, meeting the demanding requirements of customers for angle precision.

  • Processing Complex Shapes: Our CNC bending machines, equipped with multi-axis control systems, handle bending operations for complex shapes, including curves, polygons, and non-traditional forms.

  • Wide Material Adaptability: Whether it's steel plates, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, or other metal materials, our CNC bending services adapt to various materials to meet different manufacturing needs.

  • Minimal Deformation and Deformation Control: By employing appropriate bending processes and parameter settings, we minimize metal deformation and exert control to meet customers' requirements for shape and appearance.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Efficient: CNC bending employs electric drive and precise control, resulting in energy savings and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional hydraulic bending methods.

CNC Bending Services

CNC Bending Air Bending Flourish Legend
CNC Bending Air Bending Flourish Legend
CNC Bending Compression Bending
CNC Bending Compression Bending
CNC Bending Bottom Die Bending
CNC Bending Bottom Die Bending
CNC Bending Vertical Bending
CNC Bending Vertical Bending
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ISO International Quality Management System

Equipped with ISO 9001 certificate, we are able to support your OEM/ODM production.

Quality Control

We will check color, appearnce and tolerance by qulity control at every step during manufacturing process.

Low & High Volume Manufacturing

Besides high-volume production, we can also provide good solutions for your low-volume production (MOQ》1) with prototyping process.

Competitive Price

Our continuous investments in equipment and QC systems help us to get higher efficiency and quality which decrease reject ratio and increase market competitiveness in delivery qualified parts on time.

Reliability and Stability

Our 24 hours | 3 shifts production systems help your parts get into markets quickly and steadily.

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