Why is the Product Produced by an Injection Molding Machine Very Soft?

The reason why the products produced by the injection molding machine are very soft may be due to the following reasons:

CNC plastic material selection: Different kinds of plastic materials have different hardness and softness, for example some polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials can have soft properties, while other materials can be more rigid.

Not hot enough: In injection molding, plastic needs to be injected into the mold at high temperature and pressure in order to form the desired shape. If the temperature isn't high enough, the plastic won't melt enough, resulting in a finished product that's too soft.

Not enough pressure: In addition to temperature, custom injection molding machines need high pressure to inject molten plastic into the mold. Insufficient pressure can result in incomplete or overly soft finished shapes.

Not Enough Pressure

Improper mold design: The design of the mold may also affect the hardness of the finished product. If the cavity in the mold is too large or too small, or if the surface of the mold is not smooth, the finished product may be soft or have an incomplete shape.

Therefore, if the product is too soft, it is necessary to carefully check the above factors in order to find out the reason and make corresponding adjustments.

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