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Analysis of the Development Trend and Market Status of China's CNC Machine Tool Industry in 2023!

May 05-2023

What is the development trend and market status of the CNC machine tool industry? The update cycle of CNC machine tools is about 10 years. The last peak period of China's machine tool consumption ...
05 May
You Don't Know the Development History of ''Central CNC Lathe'' In China!

Apr 20-2023

There is a kind of car window called scheming, have you heard of it?The full name of the centering machine is a centering type CNC lathe, which is a kind of precision processing equipment that can sim...
20 Apr
【Industry Information】It Is Said That the Five-Axis Machining Center Is Good. Flourish Legend Will Take You to Explore the Advantages of Five-Axis Mac

Mar 10-2023

With the in-depth implementation of Made in China 2025, aerospace vehicles, automobiles and rail vehicles are developing in the direction of high speed, energy saving and safety, so that many key part...
10 Mar
In 2023, China's Mainstream Manufacturing Factories Will Lead the World in Processing and Manufacturing of Flourish Legend CNC

Feb 27-2023

With the strong support of China's industrial policy and the promotion of the transformation of the global industrial structure, China's manufacturing industry has achieved good achievements a...
27 Feb
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