What are the Types of Plastic Pallet Moulds?

The types of plastic pallet molds are mainly determined by the shape and size of the production pallets. The following are the common types of plastic pallet molds:

Plastic Pallet Molds

Single-sided pallet mold: only one plane, is the most common type of pallet. Suitable for storage and transport of light items.

Double-sided pallet mold: Both planes can be used, which can improve the service life of the pallet, suitable for storage and transportation of light and heavy items.

Double-sided Pallet Mold

Grille Tray Mold: Trays with perforated design to facilitate ventilation and water flow, suitable for storing and transporting moisture-prone items.

Rail pallet mold: It can be used with shelves, which is convenient for storing and taking out goods, and is suitable for warehouses and logistics places.

Anti-slip tray mold: The tray with anti-slip design can prevent goods from sliding, improve safety performance, and is suitable for storing and transporting items that are easy to slide.

Anti-slip Tray Mold

Foldable Pallet Mold: Pallet with foldable design, which can save storage and transportation space, suitable for transportation and storage of large quantities of items.

The above are the common types of plastic tray molds through custom plastic injection moulding. Different types of tray molds have their own characteristics and advantages in use. You can choose the appropriate tray mold[2] according to your production and use requirements.

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