How to Solve the Porosity Problem in the Production Process of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine?

Pore problems in the production process of extrusion blow molding machines may lead to poor appearance, performance degradation, or even unusable products. Here are some common remedies for blowhole problems:

Clean equipment: Keeping equipment clean and tidy can effectively reduce the appearance of air holes. Especially for extruders, molds and cooling systems, they should be cleaned regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment.

Clean Equipment

Optimizing the mold: The design and manufacture of the mold has a great influence on the problem of air holes produced by the extrusion blow molding machine. If the mold is not correct, the size is not accurate or the surface is rough, it will cause air holes to appear. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize and improve the mold to ensure its precision and surface smoothness.

Adjust extruder parameters: The adjustment of extruder parameters can effectively solve the problem of air holes. Generally, parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed of the extruder need to be adjusted to meet the requirements of the product. Extruder parameters that are too high or too low can cause porosity problems.

Control blow molding machine temperature and air pressure: The temperature and air pressure of the blow molding machine will also affect the appearance of pores. Generally, it is necessary to control the temperature and air pressure to ensure that they are within the appropriate range to reduce the appearance of pores.

Blow Molding Machine

Check raw materials: The blow molding material selection is of great importance. The quality of raw materials is also one of the important factors affecting the problem of stomata. It should be ensured that high-quality raw materials are used, and the raw materials are checked regularly for foreign matter and impurities to reduce the appearance of pores.

To sum up, to solve the air hole problem in the extrusion blow molding machine production process, it is necessary to comprehensively consider multiple factors such as equipment cleaning, mold design, extruder parameters, blow molding machine temperature and air pressure, and raw material quality, and according to the specific situation Develop targeted solutions.

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