Sheet Metal Welding

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Sheet Metal Welding

Our Sheet Metal Welding

  • High-Quality Welding: We have experienced welding engineers and technicians who provide high-quality sheet metal welding services, ensuring strong, sealed, and durable welding connections.

  • Various Welding Methods: We are proficient in multiple sheet metal welding methods, including spot welding, fusion welding, and induction welding. We can select the most suitable welding method based on customer requirements and material characteristics to ensure optimal connection results.

  • Customized Solutions: We offer customized sheet metal welding solutions tailored to meet specific customer design requirements and specifications. We provide precise processing and welding services to fulfill unique customer needs.

  • Efficient Production Capability: Equipped with advanced equipment and production processes, we have the ability to efficiently handle large-scale sheet metal welding tasks, ensuring timely delivery and prompt response to customer demands.

  • Quality Control and Certification: We strictly adhere to a comprehensive quality management system, conducting rigorous quality control and inspection throughout the welding process. We ensure that each welding connection meets relevant standards and certification requirements, providing reliable products and services to our customers.

Advantages of Flourish Legend Sheet Metal Welding

  • Highly Accurate Welding Technology: Our Sheet Metal Welding service utilizes highly accurate welding technology to ensure the precision and consistency of welded joints. We employ advanced equipment and instruments to monitor and control the welding process, guaranteeing accurate dimensions, angles, and positions of each welding connection.

  • Stringent Quality Control System: We have established a stringent quality control system that encompasses material selection to final inspection. Each step undergoes rigorous checks and conforms to ISO standards. Through this robust quality control system, we ensure consistently high quality in our provided Sheet Metal Welding services.

  • Wide Application Fields: Our Sheet Metal Welding services find applications across various industries, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, energy, and more. With the ability to handle different types and thicknesses of sheet metal materials, we can meet the welding needs of diverse industries.

  • Excellent Team and Expertise: We have a team of highly experienced professionals with deep knowledge and skills in sheet metal welding. Our engineers and technicians undergo specialized training and continuous learning, enabling them to tackle complex welding projects and provide professional advice and solutions.

Sheet Metal Welding Parts

Sheet Metal High Frequency Induction Welding
Sheet Metal High Frequency Induction Welding
Sheet Metal Lap Welding
Sheet Metal Lap Welding
Sheet Metal Melting Welding
Sheet Metal Melting Welding
Sheet Metal Spot Welding
Sheet Metal Spot Welding
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ISO International Quality Management System

Equipped with ISO 9001 certificate, we are able to support your OEM/ODM production.

Quality Control

We will check color, appearnce and tolerance by qulity control at every step during manufacturing process.

Low & High Volume Manufacturing

Besides high-volume production, we can also provide good solutions for your low-volume production (MOQ》1) with prototyping process.

Competitive Price

Our continuous investments in equipment and QC systems help us to get higher efficiency and quality which decrease reject ratio and increase market competitiveness in delivery qualified parts on time.

Reliability and Stability

Our 24 hours | 3 shifts production systems help your parts get into markets quickly and steadily.

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