[Dry Goods] Detailed Interpretation of Flourish Legend CNC Machining Center Program G Code and M Code Interpretation.

[Dry goods] Detailed interpretation of Flourish legend custom CNC machining center program G code and M code interpretation.
CNC program G codeparaphraseAuxiliary code M functionparaphrase
GOOpoint positioningM00program stop
GO1linear interpolationM01plan to stop
GO2Clockwise circular interpolationM02end of program
GO3Counterclockwise circular interpolationM03Spindle rotates clockwise
GO4pauseM04Spindle rotates counterclockwise
GO5Not specifyM05spindle stop
GO6Parabolic interpolationM06Automatic tool change
GO7Not specifyM07No. 2 coolant on
GO8accelerateM08No. 1 coolant on
GO9slow downM09coolant off
GO10data settingsM10to clamp
GO11Data setting cancelM11release
GO17X, Y plane selectionM13Spindle clockwise, cutting fluid on
GO18Z, X plane selectionM14Spindle clockwise, cutting fluid on
GO19YZ plane selectionM15move fast, positive
GO20ImperialM16move fast, negative
GO21MetricM19Spindle o rientation stop
GO22Stroke check switch openM30program ends and returns
GO23Stroke check switch offM31interlock bypass
GO25Spindle speed fluctuation check ONM36Feed range 1/2
GO26Spindle speed fluctuation check offM37Feed range 1/2
GO27Reference point return checkM38Spindle speed 1/2
GO28Reference point returnM39Spindle speed 1/2
GO31skip functionM40Available for gear shifting
GO33Equal pitch thread cuttingM41Available for gear shifting
GO34Increased pitch thread cuttingM42Available for gear shifting
GO35Reduced pitch thread cuttingM43Available for gear shifting
GO40Tool compensation/offset logoutM44Available for gear shifting
GO41Tool compensation, on the left side of the workpieceM45Available for gear shifting
GO42Tool compensation, on the right side of the workpieceM48deregister M49
GO43The tool compensation value is added to the given coordinate valueM49Return to specified speed or feed rate
GO44The tool compensation value is subtracted from the given coordinate valueM50No. 3 cutting fluid
GO45~G051Tool offset (+,- or 0) compensationM51No. 4 cutting fluid
GO49Tool length compensation cancelM52automatic door open
GO52Local Coordinate System SettingsM53automatic door closing
GO53Linear displacement logoutM55Tool linear displacement to vertex 1/2
GO54First workpiece coordinate system settingM56Tool linear displacement to vertex 1/2
GO55Second workpiece coordinate system settingM60Replace workpiece
GO56The third workpiece coordinate system settingM61The linear displacement of the workpiece reaches the predetermined 1/2
GO57Fourth workpiece coordinate system settingM62The linear displacement of the workpiece reaches the predetermined 1/2
GO58Fifth workpiece coordinate system settingM71Workpiece angular displacement, position 1/2
GO59Sixth workpiece coordinate system settingM72Workpiece angular displacement, position 1/2
GO60Accurate positioning (fine)M74Error detection is turned on
GO61Accurate positioning (medium)M75error detection off
GO62Quick positioning (coarse)M98subroutine call
GO65macro callM99Subroutine call returns
GO66Macro program call modeM20~29never specify
GO67Macro program call cancelM12, M17~18, M32~35, M46~47, M54, M57~59, M63~70, M73, M76~97Not specify
GO68Tool Offset (Inner Corner)

GO69Tool Offset (External Corner)

GO73High speed deep hole drilling cycle

GO74Left-handed tapping cycle

GO76Fine boring cycle

GO80canned loop logout

GO81drilling cycle

GO82drilling cycle

GO83Deep Hole Drilling Cycle

GO84Tapping cycle

GO85Fine boring cycle

GO86Boring cycle

GO87Back boring cycle

GO89Boring cycle

GO90Absolute coordinate input

GO91Incremental coordinate input

GO92Workpiece coordinate origin setting

GO93Time countdown, feed rate mm/min

GO94feed per minute

GO95Spindle feed per revolution (mm)

GO96Spindle constant linear speed (m/min)

GO97Spindle RPM

G36~G39never specify

G12~G16, G24, G29~30, G32,  G63~G64, G70~G72, G75, G77~G79, G88, G98~G99Not specify
flourish legend

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