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With the in-depth implementation of Made in China 2025, aerospace vehicles, automobiles and rail vehicles are developing in the direction of high speed, energy saving and safety, so that many key parts present complex polyhedrons and high-order surfaces. In the past, it was difficult to obtain ideal machining accuracy and surface quality for CNC machine tools using three linear axes, which prompted a linear increase in the demand for five-axis machining technology in all walks of life.

ade in China 2025

The five-axis machining center is an advanced cutting processing method that uses the rotation of the spindle to complete the cutting process, so that the workpiece can be completely produced and processed in terms of shape accuracy, position accuracy, and the outer surface of the workpiece. The five-axis machining center does not simply combine the two processing methods of precision CNC turning and milling into one machine tool, but uses the spindle movement of the five-axis machining center to realize the production and processing of various molds, plates, and furniture. A new cutting practice and cutting technique that occurs under the condition of greater technological development.

Five-axis linkage machining center technology refers to the processing technology that a complex-shaped surface requires 5 independent axes to perform numerical control interpolation motion together to obtain a smooth and smooth surface. Although in theor any complex surface can be expressed by X, Y, Z three-axis coordinates, the actual machining tool is not a point, but an entity with a certain size. To avoid interference between surfaces and to ensure the consistency of cutting conditions at each point on the surface, it is necessary to adjust the included angle between the tool axis and the normal vector of the surface in the two-dimensional direction.

The number of axes of a five-axis machining center refers to the number of axes that need to move independently when machining the same surface, rather than the number of controllable axes that the CNC has. For example, in order to ensure the parallelism of the lifting and lowering of the beam, the gantry CNC precision milling machine needs two left and right drive shafts W1 and W2 to move synchronously, that is to say, take W1 as the driving shaft, and keep the W2 shaft synchronous with it. Therefore, they can only be used as an independent axis of motion. In addition, if the surface of the complex sculpture has the characteristics of a rotating body, no Y-axis movement is required, and it can be realized on a CNC lathe or a turning centre.

The machining range of the five-axis machining center is very wide, and it can process parts that cannot be processed or difficult to process by conventional three-axis machining centers, and the five-axis machining center involves a wide range of industries, mainly involving aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, high-tech Precision medical machining equipment and high-precision molds are industries that are valued by the state. It can be seen that five-axis machining centers have a decisive influence on industries that are valued by the state. The five-axis machining center can process various complex curved surfaces or special-shaped parts, such as: turbine engine blades, aircraft engine propellers, marine propellers and other complex curved surface and special-shaped parts. Generally, customers who buy five-axis machining centers need to process parts with more complex shapes. They will not be used to process simple plane and simple curved surface parts. Using a five-axis machining center to process plane parts is really overkill.

Compared with ordinary machining centers, five-axis machining centers have the following salient features:

Five-Axis Machining

1. Suitable for the processing of complex special-shaped parts

Five-axis machining centers can process complex parts that are difficult or basically impossible to process with ordinary machining centers, so they are widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, mold and other processing industries.

2. High processing precision

The five-axis machining center can do a complete inspection of the size analysis of the material through five-axis positioning machining, so the accuracy of the five-axis vertical machining center is higher than that of the ordinary machining center.

3. The processing is stable and reliable

The Flourish legend five-axis machining center realizes computer control, eliminates human errors, has good processing consistency of parts, and stable and reliable quality.

4. High flexibility

When the processing object changes, generally only need to change the NC sequence, which shows good adaptability and saves production preparation time. On the basis of the five-axis machining center, an automated manufacturing system with higher flexibility can be formed.

5. High productivity

The five-axis machining center has high machining precision and high rigidity of the machine bed, and will automatically select a favorable processing amount. The productivity of the five-axis machining center is high, generally 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machining centers, and can handle some complex parts. Processing, production efficiency can be increased by ten times or even dozens of times. And flourish legend five-axis machining center has

6. Good production conditions

The automation level of the machine tool is high, the work intensity of the operators is greatly reduced, and the working environment is better.

7. Facilitate management

The five-axis machining center has attracted the attention of machining workers with its flexible and automated performance, excellent and stable precision, and agile and diverse functions, and has become a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology. On the other hand, through continuous research, the in-depth application of information technology has promoted the further improvement of five-axis machining centers. The five-axis machining center is an important basic equipment in the machine tool manufacturing industry, so its development has always attracted the attention of the machining industry.

Five-Axis Machining Center

Flourish Legend has advanced DMG 5-axis linkage CNC machine tools imported from Germany, Charmilles spark machine, Charmilles slow wire, Hexagon's fully automatic three-dimensional and other precision mechanical equipment, and has experienced five-axis processing engineers. team and project management team. Specializing in five-axis machining and other high-precision parts machining, especially five-axis machining, which is widely used in various high-tech and precision industries, such as robot parts, drone parts, medical equipment parts, aviation parts, automation equipment parts, aerospace , Ship parts, connector parts, military parts and so on.

Thanks to strict enterprise management, advanced machinery and equipment, rigorous technical team and professional project management team as well as customer-oriented corporate culture Flourish legend ensures the high quality of products, punctual delivery time, smooth customer communication, and Guaranteed after-sales service has also won praise and trust from customers.

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