What is the Difference Between a High-Speed Injection Molding Machine and an Ordinary Injection Molding Machine?

The principle of the high-speed injection molding machine and the ordinary injection molding machine is basically the same. Both use high pressure to inject the molten plastic into the mold through the nozzle, and form the required plastic product after cooling.

According to flourish engineers: The difference is that high-speed injection molding machines have faster injection speeds and shorter cycle times, which are mainly achieved in the following ways:

Flourish Engineers

Quick mold opening and closing. High-speed injection molding machines use faster hydraulic or motor systems to open and close molds quickly, resulting in shorter cycle times.

Rapid injection molding. High-speed injection molding machines have higher injection speed and faster injection acceleration, which can inject molten plastic into the mold faster.

Cool down quickly. High-speed injection molding machines usually have more advanced cooling systems, including water cooling and gas cooling, which can cool the plastic products in the mold faster.

intelligent control. High-speed injection molding machines are usually equipped with advanced control systems that can automatically optimize injection molding parameters, thereby improving production efficiency and quality.

Intelligent Control

In short, the principle of a high-speed injection molding machine is similar to that of an ordinary injection molding machine, but it achieves faster production speed and higher production efficiency through faster mold opening and closing, injection molding and cooling.

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