How to Find a Chinese CNC Factory for Cooperation?

When you or your company is looking for product production, the first choice may be to turn to China, because this is the most effective method and can bring them the highest profit. The difficulty with making products in China is that they need to figure out who to work with and how to manage the production process.

So, for you and your company, the following questions and steps are generally considered when finding the right Chinese CNC precision machining manufacturer or managing the production process.

Chinese manufacturer or managing

A. Ways and methods to find Chinese factories

1. Use industry keywords to search in search engines, such as keywords: "CNC processing"

2. Social media software, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

3. Collection of offline exhibitions

4. Introduced by friends

B. First, quickly ask a few questions to determine whether it is the factory you need

After finding the right Chinese factory, quickly ask the following core questions

1. "What factory are you?" For example: Are you a CNC machining factory?

Can quickly understand whether the processing capacity of the factory matches itself

2. "Can you produce XXX? For example: Can you produce watches?

According to your own production drawings or ideas, generally speaking, you know the specific specifications of the product you want to produce, including color, material and logo, etc., and provide it to the factory to see if the factory can produce this product.

For example, for a watch, the seller may want to customize the logo on the crown to the entire dial. If the seller knows the details of the design they want, it can also save the factory a lot of time and cost, because the factory does not want to produce multiple samples because the seller has forgotten the design details, which is time-consuming and laborious.

3. "How much will this cost? Please provide a quote based on my production needs"

Remember that what you need is a detailed engineering quotation. Some standard parts can be quoted faster, and some OEM or ODM products require the factory to conduct a full range of analysis and cost accounting. The general quotation is 3-10 working days, while the flourish legend General products can be quoted in 30 minutes, and complex products only need 3 working days.

4. "What's the MOQ, and how long is the production time cycle? How long will it take to receive the goods?"

Most factories want to produce more products, because big orders can bring them more profits. However, if the factory trusts the foreign seller's brand enough, they are usually willing to start with a lower order quantity.

Most people think it takes a few weeks to make a sample. In fact, for simple apparel items like shirts or hats, samples can be made in less than a week. Sample production times can vary greatly depending on the type of product produced.

Flourish legend has a minimu order quantity of 1 piece, and the general production cycle is 3-7 days. Customers can receive the goods within 7-10 working days.

5. "Which companies have you worked with in the past? Where are most of these companies from?"

Although many good factories will not disclose who they have worked with, but if you can know the geographical location of most of the factory's client companies, they will have a good understanding of the factory's quality standards. Because most factories that sell to the US or Europe generally produce higher quality products than those that sell to Asia or Africa.

6. "Please provide a copy of your company's qualifications, production advantages or business license, etc."

Before confirming the payment, you must understand the qualifications of the factory clearly to avoid being cheated. Due to its excellent production capacity and development in the past 10 years, Flourish legend is a foreign trade enterprise supported by the Guangdong Provincial Government. If you have CNC processing or precision injection molding production needs, you can rest assured to choose.

C. Comprehensive comparison

If your company considers specific manufacturing costs, you will often have the question "Why is one factory quoting $3 and another factory is quoting $6?"

Flourish legend believes that there are differences in the quotations of Chinese factories, and the main reasons may be attributed to the following four reasons:

1. There is another cooperative factory behind the supplier, which is called not the source factory in China

2. Chinese suppliers believe that customers do not know how much they should pay

3. The factory usually does not produce this product, and the quotation is not accurate

4. The quality of the products they produce is much lower than the standard level

At this time, flourishlegend suggests that you can choose the following methods:

1. Select several factories for inquiry, at least 3-5 factories

2. Comprehensively compare the quotations, services, production advantages, delivery dates, etc. of each factory

Flourish legend is located in China's first province: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It has more than 10 years of experience in CNC processing, injection molding, mold manufacturing, and sheet metal stamping. It has dozens of CNC processing equipment and hundreds of employees. From design, processing to production To provide customers with one-stop processing services.

And Flourish Legend belongs to the real source factory, providing customers with free quotations, the lowest production cost in the industry, providing 7*24 hours of exclusive customer service, 30 minutes quotation at the fastest, 3 days for proofing, and 7 days for customers to receive samples, welcome to have Customer inquiries for CNC Machining and Injection Molding.

Flourish Legend

D. What is your typical payment method?

The payment accepted by most factories is 30% before starting production, and the remaining 70% before shipment. That is, foreign sellers need to pay 100% for your product before they actually receive your product.

If you are not at ease with the Chinese factory before shipment, you can go to China to inspect the factory on the spot, inspect the product, and pay the final payment after there is no problem.

E. Quality control

If you are establishing a cooperative relationship with a Chinese factory for the first time, you can first ask the factory to produce a product for you. After you receive a product and the product quality meets the requirements, you can carry out a second cooperation and mass production.

After knowing what questions to ask Chinese factories, foreign sellers also need to learn how to manage the production process.

F. Project Implementation Progress

Generally, after you confirm the cooperative factory, they will share the time cycle of the entire project with you, and you only need to accept the product and confirm the details at the corresponding time point. Flourishlegend generally has a dedicated account manager to provide you with hosting services and a project manager to control the quality for you, so that you can have more free time to do more things.

The above is how to find a Chinese CNC factory for cooperation. If you have CNC processing and injection mold processing production needs, please feel free to contact us.

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