Brass Stamping

Flourish Legend Precision Hardware Brass Stamping has been specializing in the production and development of precision hardware products for 14 years. With high precision and efficiency in brass stamping, we offer competitive prices. Our services are widely available in industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, and lighting. We also provide semi-finished and finished assembly services. Our products meet military standards, and we are committed to signing confidentiality agreements. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Brass Stamping

Our Brass Stamping Technology

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Our company has extensive experience and professional expertise in brass stamping, ensuring high-quality manufacturing processes and final products. We utilize advanced equipment and techniques to ensure precision and consistency in every stamped component.

  • Diversified Capabilities: We possess a wide range of brass stamping capabilities to meet the needs of various industries. Whether it's small parts or large components, we can customize them according to customer requirements, providing stamped parts in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

  • Quick Turnaround: We are committed to providing fast turnaround services. With efficient production processes and optimized supply chain management, we can complete large-scale brass stamping production in a short time, ensuring the timely delivery of customer orders.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our brass stamping services offer highly competitive prices. Through efficient production and precise material utilization, we minimize costs and translate these cost advantages into more attractive price benefits, providing customers with high-value solutions.

  • Customer Support: We value cooperative relationships with our customers and provide comprehensive customer support. Our team works closely with customers to understand their needs and offers professional advice and technical support to ensure customer satisfaction and successful project implementation."

Advantages of Flourish Legend Brass Stamping

  • Precision Stamping Technology: We employ advanced precision stamping technology to achieve highly complex and intricate stamping patterns on brass materials. Whether it's fine textures, patterns, or perforations, we can provide precise stamping processes to meet high standards for detail requirements.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Brass is a metal material with excellent corrosion resistance. Components manufactured through brass stamping can withstand the effects of oxidation, corrosion, and corrosive environments, thereby extending product lifespan and reliability. Our brass stamping components are suitable for various environmental applications.

  • Malleability and Processability: Brass has excellent malleability and processability, allowing brass stamping components to achieve various complex shapes and design requirements. Whether it's flat parts, bent parts, or intricate three-dimensional shapes, we can perform brass stamping according to customer requirements, enabling diverse product designs.

  • Sealing and Conductivity: Brass stamping components typically exhibit good sealing performance and conductivity. This makes brass stamping components an ideal choice in many industries such as electronics, communication equipment, and the automotive industry. Our brass stamping technology ensures optimal sealing and conductivity of components.

  • Sustainability: Brass is a recyclable metal material, demonstrating good sustainability. By selecting brass stamping components, you are choosing an environmentally friendly and recyclable solution. We are committed to promoting sustainable development by optimizing production processes and material utilization, reducing environmental impact, and providing customers with environmentally friendly choices.

Medical Industry Brass Stamping Parts
Medical Industry Brass Stamping Parts
Brass Stamping Parts For The Automotive Industry
Brass Stamping Parts For The Automotive Industry
Brass Stamping Parts For Electronic Products
Brass Stamping Parts For Electronic Products
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ISO International Quality Management System

Equipped with ISO 9001 certificate, we are able to support your OEM/ODM production.

Quality Control

We will check color, appearnce and tolerance by qulity control at every step during manufacturing process.

Low & High Volume Manufacturing

Besides high-volume production, we can also provide good solutions for your low-volume production (MOQ》1) with prototyping process.

Competitive Price

Our continuous investments in equipment and QC systems help us to get higher efficiency and quality which decrease reject ratio and increase market competitiveness in delivery qualified parts on time.

Reliability and Stability

Our 24 hours | 3 shifts production systems help your parts get into markets quickly and steadily.

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